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Fresh Faces, Same Commitment at Sourcely (your Fav AI Source Finding Tool)

Introducing new owners of Sourcely and their Future Plans!

Sourcely the best AI Source Finding Tools logo

Hello there, Dev and Elman here!

We wanted to share further details regarding our acquisition of Sourcely, and a bit about ourselves and future plans. Impressed by how many students Sourcely has helped in such a short time. With that in mind, we are dedicated to not just maintaining, but also raising the quality of what Sourcely offers to help thousands of students like yourself use AI to solve their problems.

Enabling you to work smart, not hard 😉

Meme about student working hard to find sources

We help you not be this kid lol

Dev: My name is Dev Shah and I'm a college student like you guys! As a fellow student, I completely understand the challenges that you face. I am passionate about using student-led solutions to tackle our problems (Also why I started Eleven59: Student-centered company aiming to Democratize college admissions consulting)

Elman: Hi, I'm Elman Mansimov. My academic journey has taken me from undergraduate all the way to a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at New York University. I know the struggle of pouring countless hours into writing essays, academic reports, and papers, so I'm excited to take Sourcely to the next level and bring it to more students.

Here’s what to expect from us going forward and a few things we need 🥺 :

  1. Subscribe to Sourcely's new weekly student focused newsletter breaks down the happenings in the AI tools world with 3 effective AI student tools direct to your inbox!

  2. Follow us on socials! Follow Dev on Twitter (@bestofacquire): Daily content on buying and selling businesses @Sourcelyai: Daily student focused content around AI and its applications

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions about, features you'd love to see, feedback or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to reply to this email. Our emails are and

Thank you again for joining the Sourcely Family!

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