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Sourcely: Exciting New Features and Updates. Fall 2023

Hey all,

It has been exciting four and a half month since myself and Dev have acquired Sourcely. With a multitude of improvements to the landing page, AI magic behind the scenes, marketing efforts, and countless other efforts, Sourcely has grown quite a bit in terms of active users.

Most importantly, it has been amazing to see countless users using the app and sharing their feedback! The feedback was used to improve the AI algorithm that fetches sources, and to add groundbreaking features like retrieving only review articles, among other things.

It wasn't easy to do these changes, as it took countless amounts of time and sweat from the Sourcely team to improve and make Sourcely not only run but become better over time as well. Because of it, we will be raising monthly prices from $7 to $9 dollars, and yearly prices from $67 to $87 dollars (20% discount with yearly subscription). We always keep affordability in mind, and want to make Sourcely cheap from the perspective of our users.

As always, our communication channel is always open, so feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks, Elman

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